JPI’s distinct hybrid recruiting model provides top talent in a timely manner with significant cost savings to our clients.

We leverage an extensive database of national talent to quickly find you the most qualified candidates at competitive rates.

We focus on shortening your time-to-hire and reducing your hiring risk, all while granting you access to vetted, high-compatible candidates.

JPI HR Outsourcing is an extension of your current recruiting efforts. Our goal is to help you streamline your recruiting process with limited interruption to your daily operating rhythm. Our model provides instant cost savings, quick turnaround and a performance based partnership. This hybrid approach creates an instant IMPACT on your business initiatives.

We do not create a standardized recruiting model because we know that each customer, position, department and hiring manager looks for different competencies, cultural alignment to the current team and distinct technical skills to be successful in the role. Our model is to “Find out what Approach will work best” and then create a model that will allow for the quick turnaround, cost savings and impact on your initiatives we discussed earlier.

Our recruiting team’s experience spans many industries including:

+ Information Technology

+ Healthcare

+ Government

+ Education

+ Engineering

+ Retail

+ Professional Services

Get the talent you need FAST! Shorter Time-To-Hire and Fully-Vetted Candidates are just two of the reasons we stand out from other providers. We simply don’t waste your time.

We give you more time to focus on revenue-generating activities, by offloading recruiting logistics, thoroughly pre-screening applicants, and putting only the most-qualified candidates in front of you. JPI Recruiting recruitment specialists are experts at sourcing the best talent. We use extensive candidate networks, internal and national databases, direct recruiting techniques and referral sources to identify individuals - even highly desirable “passive” candidates - with the skills, experience and personality traits to succeed in your organization.

We are only paid when we deliver for you. If we don’t find the caliber/quality desired by our clients we do not charge for our services.

JPI Recruiting is a premier, HR Solutions Firm. We provide a distinct array of services that can offer instant turnaround time and cost savings to your current recruiting efforts. Our team has over 10 years of experience in corporate recruiting and agency recruiting which gives us a distinct view on the level of service we need to provide.

We tailor our services in a customizable format to each of our customers. Because each client, department, manager requires a flexible model; we sit with our partners first to identify which model would fit them best and create a solution that is beneficial for all parties involved.

Our goal is to help you identify the hiring model that will work best; we believe our background and experience can provide some insight which will allow for quick turnaround, cost savings and a positive IMPACT on your business.

There is no standard process for hiring that works 100% of the time; however a conscious effort on the front end can help us to identify the right candidate. It is key that we find candidates that believe in what the organization manager believes in.